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Guangzhou Xleisure Spa Products Co., Ltd

                                            spa covers, cover lifters, spa filters, spa steps, spa protector bags, ODM spa mould, spa hot tub essentials and other spa hot tub accessories                                            

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Customer Ever Said
Their covers fit perfectly! After working with them, we learned exactly how and where to measure covers for a perfect fit. We get CAD drawings with exact measurements for every order. Well-organized, and shipments are always delivered on time as promised. Other spa accessories are also great and new products are also amazing! —— Mike Wayn

China Xleisure Limited certification

China Xleisure Limited certification

About Us
XLEISURE began with the vision of providing a wide range of varied quality spa hot tub accessories and merchandising, together with excellent service, at competitive prices. Based in Guangzhou China, Xleisure is located ...
Factory Tour
Production Line for Spa Cover Manufacturing 1. produce the vinyl encasing vinyl preparation - vinyl checking - vinyl cutting - sewing & stitching 2. produce the foam inserts foam cutting - foam reinforcement - foam ...
Quality Control
Quality Control Measures Quality is at the core of every product manufactured by Xleisure. In addition to a comprehensive Quality Assurance program, our employees follow strict Quality Control Measures in every aspect of ...
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